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Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) - Experimental plug-in v0.10

This plug-in exports vehicle accelerations and vehicle angular rates.

  1. v0.10 brings some improvemens for inexperienced users during patching.

    Hey :),

    I made version 0.10

    Only the patching process is changed a little. It checks if older export scripts of this plugin are still present, and deletes them to leave only a single export script active. This avoids a few hickups if users upgrade from earlier versions and thereby skip one version. Only export scripts for THIS plugin are affected. Other scripts are ignored.

    Also, I have added a note for users to be aware of exactly which version they want patched in case one has multiple...
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  2. Version 0.09 available - GameDash and GameVibe support.

    v0.09 is here :)

    It supports GameVibe and GameDash albeit on a generic level.

    Install like usual via Plugin Updater and then patch DCS. After patching you can go to SavedGames/DCS/Scripts/Hooks and open the Simtools_DCS_Exp_Hook..... .lua file.

    In this file you can choose between metric or imperial units. With just a little bit of Lua you can assign any values you like to the export slots.

    If you absolutely insist on using Euler angles, you can set the bool...
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  3. Version 0.08 available - Downloaded Zip file now finally compatible with SimTools' Plugin Updater

    Hey :)

    thanks to the great help of @pmvcda, the plugin is now finally fully compatible with SimTools' Plugin Updater. That means that you can now drag the downloaded .zip archive directly onto the Plugin Updater and it will install propperly.

    Another great improvement (also thanks to @pmvcda!) is that the Plugin now has it's own distinct name: "DCS_Exp". That means it will no longer interfere with @value1's original plugin. Both plugins can happily coexist in eternal harmony inside...
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  4. Version 0.07 available - Export via callbacks. Prevents conflicts with existing DCS add-ons

    New version exports data via DCS' callbacks. The .lua scrip now resides in ../Saved Games/DCS/Scripts/Hooks

    New method prevents conflicts with existing addons. Highly reccomended for everyone who even remotely considers EVER using ANY other DCS addons!

    Happy motion :)
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  5. Version 0.06 available. All unit conversions exposed to user


    Hey :)

    @Zed pointed me to a bug in the plugin that converted from Meters per seconds to Knots. While convenient for most cases, it made this slot almost unusable for anything other than airspeed.

    Since I wanted users to have full control over the data, in this version I have removed all unit...
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