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Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) - Experimental plug-in v0.08

This plug-in exports vehicle accelerations and vehicle angular rates.

  1. Version 0.08 available - Downloaded Zip file now finally compatible with SimTools' Plugin Updater

    Hey :)

    thanks to the great help of @pmvcda, the plugin is now finally fully compatible with SimTools' Plugin Updater. That means that you can now drag the downloaded .zip archive directly onto the Plugin Updater and it will install propperly.

    Another great improvement (also thanks to @pmvcda!) is that the Plugin now has it's own distinct name: "DCS_Exp". That means it will no longer interfere with @value1's original plugin. Both plugins can happily coexist in eternal harmony inside SimTools' Plugin folder :) You can have them both installed and select inside GameManager which one you want to use.

    One more thing I'd like to mention, because a user ran into issues:
    Back in version 0.07 I changed the way the motion data is exported out of DCS and that has some implications for those who want to modify the export script. The script now resides in ...


    ...and is called "SimTools_DCS_Exp_Hook_v008". That makes it much more compatible with other addons without any user action necessary. A great plus! However, if you want to make any changes to this file, be aware that you will have to close down the game completely and restart it for the changes to take effect. That also goes for deleting the file or unpatching the game! Even with the file deleted, it will still execute the code until DCS is restarted. Took me an hour of troubleshooting to find that out :).

    Other than that, I think v0.08 is a great improvement in usability.

    Fly Safe :)

    Dirty :)
    value1 likes this.
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