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Communicating with an Arduino and Sim Tools 1.0

Serial communication of axis information from Simtools to an Arduino

  1. eaorobbie
    The attached code is to capture two axis outputs from SimTools, please not it actually doesn't drive anything and is taken directly from my RC Sim Model code to show
    Upload the supplied code to the Arduino via the Ard IDE, once uploaded you can simple test via the Serial Monitor to make sure its all working.
    Set to 9600.
    Command is - Rxxxxx~Pxxxxx~ where xxxxx can be a number up to 16bit.
    You should see the output in the monitor, this will not work when communicating with SimTools the Debug line needs to be commented (//) out so SimTools can work properly.

    You need to add in some kind of control for running your motors , servos, steppers, etc.

    Overtime I will update this further with items like above being controlled.
    BTW this can be expanded easily to 6 DOF if required I will post it later.
    3DOF 4DOF 6DOF to follow.

    Axis Assignments:
    AxisAssignments for SerialOutIn.png
    Interface setting for SimTools 2 is
    Remember to press save after changing.
    Now Start with the Output Testing and you can move the Roll and Pitch slider to do what you have set in the code at present nothing.
    First update will show an lcd read out of what is being sent.
    *** Sorry site not letting me up pics properly ? *****


    1. Interface settings for SerialOutIn.png