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BeamNG.drive plugin

Simtools game plugin for BeamNG.drive

  1. BeamNG.Drive Simtools Plugin update - Traction loss, Roll Rate, Pitch Rate added

    I have updated the BeamNG.Drive plugin to include a fixed Traction Loss algorithm that utilizes a new motionSim.lua Game file that will get replaced during patching process. a backup is made of the original and is swapped back if you decide to un-patch.

    I have also included pitch rate and roll rate, I use these in my own motion cueing, so I thought I would include it in the public release.

    You most likely need to be an admin to run this properly as it will need to modify a BeamNG game...
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  2. Update for the "official" motion data output

    Please make sure to enable Outgauge and Motion Sim in the options menue of BeamNG

    For Outgauge set IP, port 4445 and for MotionSim set IP, port 4444:
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  3. Traction Loss added

    With some hints from tdev from BeamNG I added traction loss.
    Enjoy :)
  4. Update for SimTools V2

    Update for SimTools V2
  5. Fix for BeamNG update V0.4x

    This plugin uses the new file structure of BeamNG update V0.4x
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