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Arduino code : 2 DOF for Sabertooth using Simplified Serial (Working) 1.23

Arduino + Sabertooth + 2 DOF

  1. Wanegain
    This code allows you to use your Arduino and your Sabertooth (not RC models !!).

    The DIP switches on the Sabertooth must be like that (2, 4 and 5 OFF) :

    Here is how you need to wire (ok it's in french but you can easily understand it :p) :

    There is a mistake : Pot1 must be on A0 and Pot2 on A1


    Your COM port must be configured like that (default settings) :

    Config in GameEngine (choose the right Com Port) :

    Here is my config file

    In the code, this is what you maybe need to edit :
    int DeadZone = 5; --> this is the Deadzone of the pot, 5 is recommended to reduce some vibrations
    int ReadAnalog = 6; --> I read 6 times the pots value and make an average to prevent noise values. 6-8 is the value I recommend.

    int FeedbackPin1 = A0; select the input pin for the potentiometer 1
    int FeedbackPin2 = A1; select the input pin for the potentiometer 2

    int FeedbackMax1 (and 2) = 962; Maximum position of pot 1 to scale, do not use 1023 because it cannot control outside the pot range
    int FeedbackMin1 (and 2) = 62; Minimum position of pot 1 to scale, do not use 0 because it cannot control outside the pot range

    You can change the PID variables too... :thumbs

    EDIT : you need to install these libraries (clic here)

    If you find a bug, please feel free to contact me !
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  1. momoclic
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    1. Wanegain
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      Thank you :)