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Andreas Ewe

Aerofly FS 2 Plugin

SimTools plugin for Aerofly FS 2

  1. Andreas Ewe
    : Flight simulation

    Motion data:
    This plugin provides pitch, roll, yaw and surge, sway and heave by using the given values from the latest aerofly sdk by IPACS and transfering it via UDP. Tested on DOF Reality P6 Motion Platform with Cessna 172SP, King Air C90 GTx, Baron 58, Boeing 777-300R, ASG 29 (Glider) and Robinson R22 (Helicopter). SimTools config (which is used for testing) are attached as images.

    Pitch (absolute angle, translated from sdk.aircraft_pitch * -1)
    Roll (absolute angle, translated from sdk.aircraft_bank)
    Yaw (relative angle, translated from sdk.aircraft_rateofturn * -1)
    Sway (relative angle, translated from sdk.aircraft_angularvelocity_x)
    Surge (relative angle, translated from sdk.aircraft_angularvelocity_z)
    Heave (relative angle, translated from sdk.aircraft_angularvelocity_y)

    Download the sourcecode here and mod if you wish:

    For doing this you will need Visual Studio 2017. First have a look at gameplugin_telemetry.zip -> aerofly_fs_2_external_dll_sample.cpp -> 'Aerofly_FS_2_External_DLL_Update' function. This function collects the sdk values und sending them as an UDP package to A list of usable sdk values are included there. If you compile this Aerofly_FS_2_GamePlugin_Telemetry.dll, keep in mind it is part of the Aerofly_FS_2_GamePlugin.dll and the updated dll must be included there. After this have a look at gameplugin.zip -> GamePlugin.vb-> 'Process_PacketRecieved' function. This function received the UDP data package and give it to Simtools. Mod or extend here to. This code based of the plugin sample code by yobuddy. (Thanks yobuddy!)

    DashApp Data:

    Author: aewe


    1. values1.png
    2. values2.png
    3. values3.png
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Recent Updates

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