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2DOF -3DOF (optional) Descriptions - now 4DOF 2013-12-26

With adjustable seat

  1. Gianni
    2DOF -3DOF (optional) Descriptions
    I would like to start by thanking all the people around the community in having made this project possible.. My biggest dream, as racing enthusiast, has always been to be able one day to have such simulator of my own. You guys have made this possible!

    My first ever attempt.. a simple seat and frame.. :(
    Gaming Racing Chair V1.0.jpg

    Then improved when sim sites found...:)
    (12V car battery ;))
    Gaming Racing Chair V2.0.jpg
    and finally my masterpiece..:p

    Gaming Racing Chair V3.0.jpg

    (3rd DOF not shown in the previous picture...)
    3FDO Frame.jpg

    • 2x12VDC Fiat X1/9 lights retractors motors with 40mm radius action
    • 1x 24VDC garage sliding door motor with 40mm radius action
    • Universal Joint from a Nissan car steering column
    • M10 Rod End - Female Metric
    • Controller AMC1.6 and Dual Single H-Bridge DSMhb1.2b by Thanos (Tronic Gr)
    • PSU 13.8VDC @ 40Amps from Jaycar, code MP3089
    • Ghepardo Fixed back Racing seat with 5 seat position
    • Force Feedback Logitech G27 Steering and pedals
    • SimTools Manager and Engine
    • Overall total frame weight +/-46Kg (excluding sway frame)
    2DFO 3DOF Chair Assembly.JPG
    • Full Square steel tube main structure.
    • The adjustable seat frame allows an intermediate frame to be placed between the adjustment slider and the actual seat. This allows only the feet portion of the main moving frame to move, thus keeping the driver body always in the same position.
    • Maximum amperage reached at full blast is a mere 10Amps total. (at +/-100kg full load)
    2DFO 3DOF Chair Components.JPG

    The SketchUp 8 drawing can be uploaded from:
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/x0ibxpyz3c084ga/2DOF 3DOF chair.skp
    I am trying to get the SketchyPhysics to work as well.. not an easy task..:confused:

    If interested in the actual components sizes, you can download the CAD pdf drawing here:

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/i9tz9enm995jizv/2DOF 3DOF Chair Components.pdf
    But, please note that to match your motor or selected components, you will require to alter or adjust some of the components size or shapes.
    So use this us a guide line only!

    Additional pictures showing the punched angle bar holding the aluminium foot rest while strengthening the whole sliding frame.
    Also close up of the rear sway wheels and position pots.
    Bucket seat removed to show framing.

    Struggling to solve the correct 3DOF coding for the AMC1.6 Controller, I have designed a new basic program to work with the new MicroMite (PIC32) microcontroller and finally managed to see all 3 axis working.

    Very fast response and very simple to modified as the programming is written in Basic.
    more informations at

    Recently added 1 extra movement to my rig, acceleration and braking.
    This was easily done by welding 4x 40x40x40mm angle brackets to the 4 extremities of the bottom base and then bolting the 4 sets of linear bearing to them.
    The linear bearing shafts are mounted on a MDF base.
    The motors driver (Micromite controller) then upgraded to allow the 4 inputs.


    1. 20140625_175150.jpg
    2. 20140625_175212.jpg
    3. 20140625_175228.jpg
    4. 20140627_100410.jpg
    5. 20140627_100448.jpg
    6. 20140627_100458.jpg
    7. 20140627_100402.jpg
    8. 20140627_100635.jpg
    9. MM 3DOF wheels.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. RaceRay
    Version: 2013-12-26
    If you publish more images or make a download package with detailed build instructions i will rate it excellent;)
    1. Gianni
      Author's Response
      Hi RaceRay, still figuring out how to present this package.. l will do shortly!

      I am still unable to work my unit with the SimTool..
      I am using Thanos AMC1.6 and the interface output in X-Sim is AB~255~~a01~~a02~ which does not work in SimTool, do you know what is the correct format for this instruction in SimTool?