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What motors should I get for my simrig?

Discussion in 'Ready, set, go - Start your engines' started by Stephenuhhh, Jun 24, 2024.

  1. Stephenuhhh

    Stephenuhhh New Member

    Jun 24, 2024
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    My Motion Simulator:
    I am planning to build a 2DOF sim, but I have no idea what motors I need. I have done torque calculations, and apparently I need at least 20NM of torque. I have no idea if this is actually true, and trying to find a motor in the price range of 50-80€ each is insanely hard. The only ones I can find are from China with crazy shipping fees. Does the torque actually matter as much as I think it does, and does anyone have motors that they have used in a similar design? (preferably EU or UK suppliers)

    My design has two motors with arms at the front of the rig, between the pedals and the ball in socket joint, which will be located directly below the seat. I would like a vertical travel distance of around 10-14cm, so a radius of 5-7cm on the arm. (sorry if none of this matters, I really want to double check everything before I buy)
  2. noorbeast

    noorbeast VR Tassie Devil Staff Member Moderator Race Director

    Jul 13, 2014
    Innovative tech specialist for NGOs
    St Helens, Tasmania, Australia
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    My Motion Simulator:
    3DOF, DC motor, JRK
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