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Showroom 5 Axis Motion Rig With TL Using PT Actuators On A Simetik K2 Cockpit

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Projects' started by DotComRich, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. DotComRich

    DotComRich Member Gold Contributor

    Nov 8, 2018
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    PT Actuators from: http://www.pt-actuator.com/proshow.asp?strID=156

    Traction loss platform built from cedar 2x4s, with castor wheels bearing the weight and a 7" lazy susan as the pivot point. This uses a 150mm stroke actuator which provides roughly 8" of travel on both sides which feels very very nice drifting :) However I don't know how long this cedar will hold up as I had already have many loud creeks and cracks during intense crashes which I guess you could argue just adds to the immersion haha. I do plan to build a T-shaped platform out of aluminum extrusion eventually for more rigidity as well as to lower the overall height.

    I obviously still need to do some more cable management, especially up front where its just puking cables out.

    I put a few castors under the front as well to help bear the weight



    8 castors hold the back


    Finally got the cockpit on top, this was no easy task by myself!


    Actuators all wired up for testing


    The power transformer Shao from pt-actuators sent me as I am on 110v here in Canada

    Forgot to take pics of every step, but here I finally got all 4 actuators attached. I used 40/80 black anodized aluminum extrusion, drilled some holes in my Simetik K2 and mounted with brackets. I then attached another smaller piece vertically which is what the actuators are attached to.




    Still no cable management as I was still in testing phase


    I had these dumbells to hold the platform still as I hadn't hooked up the traction loss actuator yet.


    After a lot of trial and error and brainstorming on how to connect this damn TL, this is what I came up with. This is still something I want to improve on for when I switch to an aluminum extrusion TL platform as the bolts I used to run through the tie rod ends were a bit too small diameter, plus I had to hack up one of the aluminum extrusion brackets to run the bolt through. So it just doesn't sit 100% tight/flush and has a tiny bit of play.


    Clark Synthesis TST239 mounted under CSP v3 pedals


    Another Clarky mounted to a piece of hardwood which is then mounted to my seat. The hardwood really helps you feel the vibration crisp and clean. I have engine rpms tuned in simvibe unbelievably well with this setup. There is also a buttkicker under there attached to the cockpit frame running in chasis mode.


    Here is one of my first races in PC2 with BMW Procar. Sorry for the clarity on the TV I don't know why I decided to run a race in heavy fog for this :S. You can't really see but yes I am in VR here. I will get a better video up showing actual recorded in game footage with a picture n picture of the cockpit movement.

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    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  2. DotComRich

    DotComRich Member Gold Contributor

    Nov 8, 2018
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    So I've now put a good 50+ hours of driving time in this rig, zero problems mechanically thus far. The wood is holding up better than I thought. There is some minor flex and looseness but once you're in a race you really don't notice. The actuators have not skipped a beat and I have had zero troubleshooting issues with them once they were setup aside from dialing in settings for each game. They're 150mm stroke but I am actually only using about 115mm or so as its just a bit to crazy for my cedar platform. I will go full 150mm when I build my full 80/40 platform hehe.

    Right now I am only playing PC2 and Dirt Rally, and man on man is Hamelahti stage on Finland absolutely insane in this thing. You are legit scared to crash, and the jumps just feel incredible, what an experience words can't describe. Every little bump is picked up and you can really feel the car just skipping over the road at high speeds, throw in some perfect drifted cornering with the TL and there is nothing more satisfying.
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  3. Joeri

    Joeri Member Gold Contributor

    Feb 18, 2019
    car body repair shop
    The Netherlands
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    My Motion Simulator:
    Nice platform. Looks realy good.