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2Dof with gyro GY-521, AC motors

Discussion in 'Ready, set, go - Start your engines' started by gaboff_k, Jan 22, 2024.

  1. gaboff_k

    gaboff_k Member

    Nov 8, 2022
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    Hi all!

    I immediately apologize for my phenomenal English (Google translate).

    While I'm preparing to implement a new project, I decided to repair someone else's 2dof platform. I took her to work and was very surprised. I never expected to see a solution for AC 180w with voltage converters on a homemade controller. And the main difficulty is positioning the stand in space using gyroscopes built into the controller. The customer asked to remake the platform and install an Arduino instead of a controller and configure it to work with DCS, MSFS, IL-2 flight simulators.

    In this regard, after much suffering (and not before it), I decided to ask for help from professionals.

    1. Horoscope. I don’t quite understand (I don’t understand at all) how I can make a circuit with Arduino and use the GY-521 MPU6050 gyroscope instead of potentiometers (no matter how much I searched, this is apparently the only adequate gyroscope for Arduino). I read that Leboa used the Wire.h library in his circuit with stepper motors, but I also understand that using this solution, the gyroscope cannot work normally. Periodically, the device will freeze or lose alignment. But this is the next step. Now the main thing would be to achieve that to control the motors in SMC3 by tilting the Arduino board with a gyroscope. If the platform layout allowed the use of potentiometers, I would gladly throw away all the gyroscope boards that I managed to buy). If you have experience, please share.

    2. Second point. Voltage converters for controlling AC motors. I have experience with DC Monster Moto Shield drivers, BTS7960 IBT-2 and HBS860H stepper motor drivers. And if everything is clear with them, then with these drivers I was completely lost. I don’t understand where to send traffic signals and in what format? Anyone with experience would be happy to take advice.

    According to the stages of the project, I understand the following: - Set up Sim tools with gyroscopes based on a simple DC 12V Monster Moto Shield circuit, with two windshield wiper motors - Make AC motors work in this circuit by reflashing the Arduino and replacing one driver with two AC motor drivers.

    Attaching photo. Two models, Kate and Cindy, kindly provided their pink Cadillac for testing. I would be extremely grateful for your help.

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    Ads Master

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