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Elite Dangerous Horizons Plugin (XML edition) January Update - Patch 1.

Elite Dangerous Horizons

  1. Fixed missing XML

    Fixed missing XML.
  2. Fixes and enhancements.

    -Fixed the reverse roll. (Thanks Pierre)
    -No longer need to re-patch the game when updating the plugin.(Thanks Yobuddy)
    -SRV Heave,Sway and surge now have more normal G values. I recommend that you set back to 100% the forces in the config XML.
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  3. January Update - Patch 1

    Updated pointer for January Update - Patch 1
  4. January update

    Updated pointers for the January update.
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  5. September update Patch 3

    September update Patch 3 pointers updates.
  6. September update Patch 2

    September update Patch 2 pointers update.
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  7. New pointers for the September Update.

    New pointers for the September Update.
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  8. Updated with latest XML & GameVibe support..

    -Latest XML from the forum.
    -Added "hopefully working" GameVibe for:
    Turbulence, Road Detail, Collision L/R & F/B
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  9. Separated the Pointers XML and Configs XML

    There is now 2 XMLs
    1 for the pointers.
    The second one is a config file for changing some options like
    Force %
    SRV movement reverse
    Use Extra1-2 for SRV Roll & Pitch.

    On the future, when patching with a new version of the plugin, your settings wont be lost as the Config.XML is only extracted if there is none.
    Hope you like the idea of not editing the XML each time there is an update ;)
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  10. updated values for April Patch 1.

    New XML with updated values for April Patch 1.

    Note: You have to remove the patch and Patch again to extract the new XML.
    Note you will lose your custom XML settings. so back them up before.
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